Frequently Asked Questions - Membership and Website

How is an account different from membership?
You may set up an account to do things on the website like register for a meeting as a non-member. Setting up an account does not automatically make you a member, but you must set up an account before you can submit a membership application. After you submit an application with dues payment, the application is reviewed, and we will contact you if/when it is approved. Access to members-only website content is granted only after membership has been approved.

How long does it take for my membership application to be approved?
The review and approval process may take 1 to 2 weeks. When the process is complete, an MWSQA representative will contact you.

Why do you collect information about special interest, etc.?
The demographic information collected during account creation helps us to understand more, not only about our prospective members, but also about trends in Quality Assurance. With this information, we can develop meeting programs and other offerings that are relevant to the members and non-members we serve. The information also aids our members in networking with each other. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to be a member to register for training at member rates?
You must be an MWSQA member to receive member rates for registration to MWSQA events. If you are not yet a member, you must submit a membership application with your registration at member rates. To do this online, create an account (or sign in), complete the membership application and pay dues. After your dues are paid, complete your registration. NOTE: if your membership application is not approved, MWSQA reserves the right to charge you the difference between member and non-member rates for your event registration.